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Business in Maidstone is the official business support website of Maidstone Borough Council, dedicated to helping you find the right support, people and premises for your business to start, relocate and expand. 

Maidstone is a thriving business destination and the powerhouse of Kent’s economy. Kent’s vibrant County Town is the ideal place to locate and grow your business, whether you're a start-up enterprise, SME or multinational corporation.

Maidstone is ‘open for business’ and Maidstone Borough Council is leading the delivery of a comprehensive programme of infrastructure and investment projects that will ensure Maidstone remains the first-choice destination for businesses in Kent. 

Strategically located in central Kent, with excellent connectivity to London, as well as regional and European markets, it's no wonder that Maidstone is known as the 'Business Capital of Kent'. But don't take our word for it, watch the animation below to see how Maidstone continues it's commercial evolution.

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Home to some of Kent's most innovative new companies, The Business Terrace provides a new generation of flexible workspace for start-ups, home-based businesses and office based workers to help businesses to start, grow and thrive. 

The Business Terrace brings together like-minded individuals who influence, inspire and energise one-another. The format facilitates dynamism, informal collaboration and networking, creating opportunities for fledgling firms to spread their wings and fly!

Located in central Maidstone, The Business Terrace is ideally situated for businesses serving local, regional, national and even international markets

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Whats New

New investors continue to be attracted to Maidstone.

Here we highlight the latest projects under way across the borough and

new major planning applications under consideration.

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