Our Strategies and Plans

Supporting the future growth and prosperity in Maidstone

Our adopted Economic Development Strategy sets out our ambitious plans to ensure Maidstone benefits from the economic recovery and delivers on jobs, a growing economy, sustainable growth and proposes actions designed to achieve them.

By 2031 our vision for Maidstone is: "A model 21st century county town, a distinctive place, known for its blend of sustainable rural and urban living, dynamic service sector-based economy, excellence in public services, and above all, quality of life".

The strategy lists five key priorities that will help Maidstone's economy grow over the next 15 years and sets out actions designed to achieve these priorities. These priorities are:

  • Retaining and attracting investment
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing the town centre
  • Meeting the skills needs
  • Improving the infrastructure

The strategy will impact on the economic, social and environmental well being for the whole of the borough and has been produced alongside the work completed on the Maidstone Borough Local Plan, for example with the allocation of land at Junction 8 of the M20 for employment purposes.