Phase 3 Public Realm Improvements

Emerging plans to further enhance Maidstone's town centre

Following the success of the £3.5 million town centre redevelopment works completed in 2012/ 2013, Maidstone Borough Council is now developing plans to undertake additional public realm improvements to complement the work already done and to further boost the vitality of other areas, with increased land values, footfall and the generation of additional expenditure.

The next phase will see more than £3 million invested in the north end of Week Street and Gabriel's Hill, and have recently submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to support the proposed works in latter area, with a view to improving the built historic environment in the conservation area. We are working with key landowners and stakeholders to ensure our projects tie in with private investment. 

This investment is in addition to the impending demolition of the "Old Vic" pub as part of a £2 million scheme to replace Maidstone East ticket office with an iconic glass and steel entrance and cafe overlooking County Hall. This major new gateway project will be jointly funded by the National Station Improvement Programme and South East Local Enterprise Partnership. 

We are also currently undertaking a piece of work to look at the town centre and its future over the next 15-20 years. We will be consulting with key landowners to consider their own aspirations and future in the town, any future investment they may have planned, and to consider how their own aims and objectives can be coordinated. Once we've completed this, a wider consultation exercise will be undertaken to ascertain the ambitions of other stakeholders in the town, from individual businesses to community groups and residents. This will take place over autumn and winter 2015, so look out for information in the local press, social media and on this page for details of how you can get involved.