Exporting Good to the EU

Changes are coming to the way goods are exported to the EU, make sure you're prepared.

Making Declarations
From 1 January 2021, you'll need to make customs declarations when you import goods from the EU. 

You can make the declarations yourself, but most businesses use a courier, freight forwarder or customs agent. You can find a list of customs agents here who can help with customs declarations. 

What do you need to make declarations? 

- Most declarations are submitted electronically through Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. so you will need to apply for access to the CHIEF system.
- Bus third party software that allows you to make declarations through CHIEF. 

Check the rules for your goods
- You will need to check the licenses and certificates you need

- You will need to check the marking, labelling and marketing standards for products such as food, plants and manufactured goods.

- Check the rules for exporting alcohol, tobacco and certain oils

Ensure you have an EORI that starts with GB from January 
- You can apply for one here 

Find out if you can charge 0% VAT 
From January 2021 you can charge customers at "zero rate" on most goods exported to the EU.

Make sure the EU business is ready to receive your goods 
Businesses in the EU will have to make changes before January 2021 so make sure they are prepared.

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