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A pro-business Council

Maidstone is truly "pro-business" and Maidstone Borough Council’s comprehensive programme of infrastructure and investment projects will revolutionise the borough's offer to businesses.  

Maidstone Borough Council is determined to see local people benefit from new jobs, by increasing prosperity and sustainable growth. The Council’s Economic Development Strategy sets out the key priorities to ensure that Maidstone attracts new investment, so that businesses and residents can benefit from a growing economy.  

The strategy will impact positively on the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the borough, and lists five key priorities that will help Maidstone to grow between now and 2031:

  • Retaining and attracting investment: supporting existing businesses to grow and working to attract new employers to the borough, creating job opportunities for all residents across a range of sectors.
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship: creating a more entrepreneurial and innovative economy, by helping new business start-ups and those with high growth potential to generate more prosperity by encouraging new and growing private sector businesses.
  • Enhancing the town centre: improving Maidstone town centre as a high-quality retail and leisure destination, creating a fantastic environment to live and work. A major focus will be on public realm improvements and enhancing the quality of town centre office space.
  • Meeting businesses skills needs: ensuring residents are equipped with the skills that businesses need to grow and thrive. Initiatives will include the expansion of the borough's higher education sector and support for strategic sectors, including KIMS Hospital, the Maidstone Medical Campus and the University of the Creative Arts' expansion at Maidstone Studios.
  • Improving the borough's infrastructure: investing in infrastructure improvements to drive economic growth, including enhancements to the transport network to tackle congestion and digital infrastructure.