Other Business Rate relief

Some land and property as well as empty properties may be exempt or entitled to relief

Some land and property won’t have to pay business rates. These are:

  • Agricultural land and buildings

  • Fish farms

  • Places of religious worship

  • Sewers and properties belonging to drainage companies

  • Parks

  • Properties used for disabled people. For example training, welfare services, workshops

  • Air raid protection works

  • Swinging moorings

  • Road crossings over a river

  • Property in enterprise zones

  • Visiting forces

To find out the definitions of each of the types of properties and land you can check out the Legislation website.

Email nndr@maidstone.gov.uk or call 01622 602230 if you think your property is exempt.

Empty Property
You may be eligible for relief if your property is empty and unfurnished. You can receive 100% relief for the first three months the property is empty and unfurnished. If the property is industrial, for example a warehouse, you will receive the relief for six months. When the 100% relief period has ended you will need to pay the full amount.

If the rateable value of the empty property is less than £2,600 you won’t have to pay Business Rates on an empty property. Once your property is occupied the exemption will stop.

If your property is empty, let us know by completing the Discount Application Form.

Hardship Relief
If you’re having trouble paying your business rates you can apply for Hardship Relief. This is given at our discretion, is only a short-term relief and will only be given if it is in the interest of the community and taxpayers of the borough.

To apply, complete the Discount Application Form.

Part Occupied Property
You can apply to pay less business rates if only part of your property is occupied. The unoccupied part must only be empty for a short time. We will ask the valuation officer for a certificate advising what the rateable value of the occupied part of your property is and you will only get charged for that part.

Complete the Discount Application Form to apply. You'll need to attach a plan showing the occupied and unoccupied parts of the property.