Opportunity Areas

Maidstone Borough Council has a strong commitment to the regeneration of Maidstone town centre and wants to take a pro-active approach to site redevelopment by reducing obstacles to planning.

MBC has so far identified five opportunity areas in the town centre considered to have redevelopment potential, but where the market has not yet shown an interest.  The sites have 'constraints' such as listed buildings on or around them, however MBC feels these historic assets are an opportunity to provide some distinctive developments. 

MBC is promoting the potential development and investment into these areas by setting out clear planning information on what could be achieved on each site (and indicating what the council would welcome) to promote them more widely to potential developers and investors looking to be part of Maidstone’s regeneration. 

The Opportunity Areas include: 

o   Len House in Mill Street

o   The Granada House and Gala Bingo sites

o   Maidstone West and The Broadway

o   Western riverside including Baltic Wharf

o   Mote Road