Town Centre Public Realm improvements

Maidstone Borough Council is ambitious in its aspirations for the borough, its people and the town centre.

A programme of public realm improvements and the redevelopment of several major sites has been planned to boost the vitality of the town and enhance the appearance and accessibility of the streetscape. 

The public realm plays a vital role in creating a sense of place, providing connections to local historic and cultural elements, as well as providing a safe and attractive environment for the public who visit, live and work in Maidstone. 

The next phase will see more than £3 million invested in Week Street and Gabriel's Hill/Lower Stone Street, down to the junction with Palace Avenue. The designs draw upon and complement the rich heritage of Maidstone, incorporating ‘squares’ at key junctions along the roads to link with side roads. 

The changes will see the creation of a level surface throughout, giving a more pedestrian feel. The designs also show a time trail running all the way from Maidstone East Station to Gala Bingo, marking key points in Maidstone’s history.  

The comprehensive public realm improvements will be completed by 2019. As a result of the regeneration, the connectivity and aesthetics of Maidstone town centre will be enhanced, enabling Maidstone to maintain its place as one of the premier town centres in Kent. The project will deliver a distinctive, safe and high-quality place that befits a 21st Century County Town.