Who's moved to Maidstone

Cancer scanner company makes Maidstone its home

Michelson Diagnostics, the company behind VivoSight, the ground-breaking skin imaging and skin cancer treatment scanner, has made Maidstone its headquarters.

Having worked with Locate in Kent, the county's investment promotion agency, the company went in search of new premises after it outgrew its first home in Orpington.

The search led Michelson Diagnostics to Eclipse Park, near Junction 7 off the M20 at Maidstone, the business park being developed by Gallagher Group.

Thanks to VivoSight, the company is working with clinicians and medical researchers to help develop its non-invasive skin imaging and early-diagnosis skin cancer treatments for use in clinical research and hospitals. Today, VivoSight scanners are used in five European countries, as well as USA, Australia and Brazil, and more than 8,000 patients have been scanned.

Jon Holmes, Chief Technology Officer at Michelson Diagnostics, said: "Maidstone Eclipse Park is perfect as a base for the company's management, operational infrastructure, R&D and engineering hub, as we continue to expand the global sales and clinical applications of our VivoSight scanner".

The high-tech medical device company specialises in the clinical application of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology, which uses an advanced laser scanner to see into tissue with an unprecedented image resolution and quality of image.