Be Consumer Law Ready

12 Jun 2018


Consumer Law Ready is a training initiative, aimed at raising awareness of consumer laws, to help ensure SMES are compliant, leading to increased consumer trust and confidence in your business.

Kent Trading Standards is offering businesses the opportunity to attend training, specifically aimed at increasing understanding of consumer legislation. 

The sessions all complement each other - each day will cover different subject areas, which include;

- Pre-Contractual Information and Cancellation Rights
- Consumer rights and guarantees, and Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Unfair Commercial Practices and Unfair Contract Terms

All of these sessions include practical examples and activities and are relevant to any consumer facing business. It is so important to know your obligations to consumers, as getting it wrong can leave contracts unenforceable and businesses unprotected.  

The training programme is as follows;
26th June 2:30 – 4:30 - Pre-contract information and the right to cancel Whether your contracts are made over the phone, by mail order or the internet, find out what makes a contract ‘enforceable’ and how cancellation rights work to protect your business and provide good customer service.

29th June 2:30 – 4:30 – Consumer Rights and Guarantees & Alternative Dispute Resolution/Online Dispute Resolution Improve your customer complaint handling by understanding what a consumer’s legal rights are in the event of a problem and the use of alternative dispute resolution to get it settled.

3rd July 2:00 – 4:30 - Unfair Commercial Practices, Unfair Terms, and Pricing Practices Discover what makes terms fair, so you can rely on yours, and find out what business activities and pricing promotions could lead you into hot water.

The trainers: - Claire Dartnell a member of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and a Trading Standards Practitioner. A Law Graduate with nearly 20 years TS experience advising on civil law. Peter Stonely has more than 20 years’ experience as an operational TS officer, over 15 years as a law trainer, 5 years as Trading Standards Manager for a national retailer and is the lead trainer for the Consumer Law Ready project in the UK.

Register your interest, email tsbusinessadvice@kent.gov.uk or telephone 03000 412020 The cost is £30+VAT per person per session, or £70+VAT per person to attend all 3 days.

Venue is the Ashford Business Hub, TN23 5RN.

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