CREATIOn.co: Serving healthcare clients during COVID-19

14 May 2020


CREATION.co serves the global healthcare industry with insights from healthcare professionals, using our proprietary technology platform to distil the voice of doctors, nurses and pharmacists on social media.

Early on during the coronavirus pandemic, we realised that we had a lot of insights in our data that could help organisations and companies who are responding to COVID-19.


So we performed a quick “pivot” - a shift in position to test an idea - putting all our current production work on hold for one week, to invest as much time as possible into learning from healthcare professionals treating COVID-19 on the front lines. We made a promise to present what we learned by the end of the week in an interactive video session, which was a real success as leaders in pharmaceutical companies, government and non-government organisations joined the session and collaborated on how they could respond.


After diverting our resources to develop ideas that would enable clients to respond well to the coronavirus, we were inundated with requests for help, so our team has been working incredibly hard to deliver timely, cutting edge insights as the pandemic has developed.


So far, due to the lockdown, we have cancelled six international business trips but with our clients also working from home, we have been able to connect efficiently with teams all over the world - from the USA to Europe to Japan, sometimes all in the same day. We’ve been learning more about how to facilitate effective workshops by video too, to really connect people together.


As a team, we value human interaction so we have been using video a lot to connect with each other, from our daily “huddle” where we celebrate great outcomes from the previous day, to pair-working and team collaboration. It can get tiring working by video, but we’re having some fun too - we’ve had a lot of team birthdays to celebrate so have had plenty of opportunities to try to perfect our video-call team singing of ‘Happy Birthday” (it still needs work)!

16th March - the last time the CREATION.co team spent time together in person at The Business Terrace

27th March - after a week of intensive COVID-19 research CREATION.co presented strategic recommendations to the global healthcare industry, from our new work-from-home setting

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