What does fire safety mean to your business?

11 Jan 2017


Kent Fire and Rescue Service have help and advice available to businesses to prevent fires

If you're the owner, manager or other responsible person in a commercial premises, there are a number of simple, common sense steps you can take to reduce the risk to your business.

You may think that the cost of these measures is off-putting, but when you compare it to the cost of shutting your business down, even temporarily, it makes sense to be prepared!

Start with your fire risk assessment - once you have identified any risks that need to be dealt with, you can work on a solution which will ultimately help keep you, your staff, your customers and your premises safer - helping you to stay in business.

For more information, advice and guidance click here.

Kent Fire & Rescue's Business Engagement Team hold regular events to give you a range of advice and support to keep your business safe. The next event is February 15th at the Mercure. For more details click here.

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