Maidstone BID Workshop - March 13th

06 Mar 2018

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Over the past six months, One Maidstone has been looking at the possibility of a Business Improvement District (BID) for the town centre. A BID is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area.

One Maidstone will be holding workshops to review the potential BID activities which have been identified by businesses to date following consultation, and encourages you to book a space to attend.

Come to the BID workshop and share your thoughts and ideas

One Maidstone is holding two workshop sessions on Tuesday 13 March where will be examining in more detail the projects that a successful Business Improvement District could deliver, such as:

  • Would you like to see an extension of the successful marshalling scheme?
  • Would you be supportive of measures taken to improve town centre safety?
  • Would you like to see enhanced cleansing in the town centre?
  • Are you interested in marketing and promotion of our specific area?
  • Do you have other suggestions that you would like to be considered?

What the BID could deliver

The themes that have emerged from consultation with businesses so far are:

Enhancing the look and feel of the town centre. This would include;

  • Improve perceptions of the car parking offer
  • Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Improved feelings of safety

Promoting Maidstone in new ways that encourage existing daytime visitors to extend their stay and discover the evening offer. This would include;

  • Promoting the aspects of Maidstone that people are not aware of
  • Finding better synergy between the town centre and Maidstone’s heritage

Targeted at changing perceptions and raising awareness of Maidstone and all it has to offer/should be known for. This would include;

  • Attracting customers to visit more
  • Attracting new businesses to the town centre
Encouraging longer visits and higher spend

How the BID works

Subject to consultation, businesses will pay an annual levy of 1.5% of the rateable value of the property. Reduced to 1% for those businesses based in Shopping Centres.
Those with a rateable value of £15,000 and above will be subject to the BID levy.
The BID will generate an income of approximately £2.15m over its initial five year term.
The ballot commences on Friday 15 June. Businesses will have 28 days to complete and return the ballot form. All ballot forms must be returned by 5pm on 12 July.
The ballot form can be returned by post or delivered to a ballot box by hand.  

There is a morning session at 10am and another at 2pm. Each session will last approximately an hour and a half and will be held at The Exchange at the Hazlitt Theatre.  Please email ilsa.butler@onemaidstone.com indicating which session you would like to attend. 

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