Only 14 days to apply for new discretionary business grant

23 Dec 2020

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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is today launching a further business grant scheme for those businesses adversely affected by the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.

The discretionary ‘Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme’ provides financial support for businesses that were forced to close or are experiencing a significant impact due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Paul Harper, Chair of the Economic Regeneration and Leisure Committee at Maidstone Borough Council said: “We have been using a £3.4m grant from central government to help those businesses s that have been required to close or those that rely on the operation of those that have been forced to close as part of their supply chain and fall outside of the national Local Restriction Grant Scheme. 

“Unfortunately, this grant is only open until 7 January so please apply as soon as possible using our online form.”

The Additional Restrictions Grant 2 is available to four business categories affected between 2 Dec to 30 December 2020.

Category A - Businesses must be operating in the sector (hospitality or leisure) that has been legally required to close; occupy a commercial workspace within the borough and be unable to claim financial support because they are not a ratepayer.

Category B - Businesses must receive their primary source of income (over 50%) through the supply of goods or services to the sector (hospitality or leisure), occupy a commercial workspace within the borough and whilst not legally required to close have experienced a significant loss in income.

Category C - Businesses must occupy commercial workspace within the Borough and whilst not legally required to close have decided to close due to it not being possible to open in a Covid secure way either due to the nature of the business or premises occupied.

Category D - Businesses which are classified as micro business (less than 10 employees), that have seen a significant reduction in income and have been unable to claim support through either the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme or any other Business Grant Schemes provided by the Government and delivered by Maidstone Borough Council.

To apply for the new discretionary ‘Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme’ please complete the application form here:  https://self.maidstone.gov.uk/service/Additional_Restrictions_Grant_Two

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