Rap Interiors, Gallagher and Rift have joined together to deliver presents to residents of care homes in Maidstone.

09 Dec 2020


For many years Rap Interiors has been committed to helping local and this year we are hoping to bring some smiles and love to those living in Care Homes in Maidstone this Christmas.

Care homes will have a big task to achieve this year in making all the residents feel loved and special at this special time of year, which is going to be hard

With the three-tier system coming back into play and stricter lockdown restrictions, it’s not going to be easy for some residents of care homes to see their relatives, if at all. The effects of the pandemic have been hard enough on businesses and people’s lives and this seems to be another hard pill to swallow.

Through the power of Facebook and scrolling past a simple plea for help to provide something special for some Maidstone Care Homes, the post prompted Rap Interiors to get involved.

We are working with Kayte John, a Teaching Assistant for special needs at Madginford Primary School, as well as her huge following of residents and locals, we are supporting this challenge as a local business ourselves.

Design Director Julie and the Rap Interiors team here are working hard to make this Christmas as special as we can, along with Lyndsey from Gallagher Group and Jan from Rift Group, two other local businesses.

Can you help us make a difference as a business Christmas Army? 

We have a local business challenge to deliver presents to Maidstone care homes, 15 days 15 homes. 

Please support and spread the word. 

Many won’t be able to see their relatives at Christmas this year, how lonely is that going to be. How sad does that sound?

Here’s an easy way to help - £10 buys a present, it’s that simple. 


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