31 Oct 2017

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The Carbon Trust's Green Business fund is offering a capital contribution of 15% (up to a maximum of £5000) to small and medium sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales.

Small and medium sized businesses looking to reduce their energy costs and consumption could benefit from receiving up to £5,000 capital contribution towards an energy saving project. A 15% capital contribution is available for eligible organisations that are looking to work with a Green Business Directory supplier or a member of the British Engineering Services Association (BESA). 

The capital contribution is available to organisations looking to replace their current technology with energy efficient alternatives. Applications must be submitted and approved before the installation of any technology and funding cannot be provided retrospectively. For further support in identifying energy saving measures, we would recommend the funded Opportunity Assessments. Once projects have been identified, applicants can benefit from Implementation Advice – a service which aims to support customers in the procurement of appropriate technology.

Once in a position to apply for finance, please go to the Green Business Fund section of our website where you will find the link to the online capital contribution application form.

Who is eligible for current Green Business Fund services?
Small & medium sized businesses - Yes
Schools - Yes
Sole Traders - Yes
Charities - Yes
Domestic properties - No
Public sector - No
New Builds - No

Typical technologies that are supported include:

Building technologies
• Air conditioning
• Building insulation
• Heating
• Heating controls
• Heat recovery
• Lighting

Industrial process technologies
• Compressed air
• Motors
• Process heating
• Process controls
• Refrigeration
• Variable speed drives

• Biomass
• Biogas
• Air source heat pumps
• Ground source heat pumps
• Solar PV
• Solar thermal


Small and medium sized businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) in England, Scotland or Wales may apply for an Energy Saving Opportunity Assessment to help them identify energy and cost saving opportunities within their business –at no cost to them. 

The Energy Saving Opportunity Assessment will identify three energy saving recommendations for your business, and clearly outline the energy savings that can be achieved through implementing these recommendations. It will also focus on your energy management system and how you achieve reductions in your consumption without investing any capital into new equipment. Depending upon your annual energy expenditure, the Opportunity Assessment will be carried out on site by a Carbon Trust engineer, or will be delivered remotely via telephone and email support.

To prepare for your assessment, you will need:

• 12 Months of energy consumption data (e.g. from billing, meters etc.)
• Information about the energy consuming equipment currently used on site.
These services are paid for by the Green Business Fund for a limited period. Following an energy saving opportunity assessment, for those businesses wanting to improve their energy management practices, further support may be available through our Virtual Energy Manager or Implementation Advice to help implement a range of energy management activities and procure the appropriate energy efficient equipment for your business.

To find out more, visit www.carbontrust.com

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