06 Apr 2018


IT infrastructure company, VooServers, has launched a new enterprise brand to support the company’s growth as it continues to expand its services. The new ‘Vinters’ brand will form the company’s managed I.T services division, and allow businesses of any size to gain access to high-end technologies that will accelerate their business processes.

Having invested over £1 million into their server and network infrastructure, the services that Vinters offer will primarily include I.T support, design and consultancy. Clients will benefit from a five minute response time, 24 hour service desk all year round, and the expertise of a company with over 1,000 live servers.

Vinters will also offer managed cloud services, and high availability and failover infrastructure. The company will provide a bespoke service and solution for each customer, meaning that budgets can be tailored to fit any size of business, giving companies the freedom to grow and upgrade their service as required.

Meanwhile, VooServers will continue as the established cloud infrastructure specialist that it has become well-known for over the past thirteen years. This will allow VooServers to develop more specialised services within their current infrastructure and software offerings, including expanding their hybrid solutions with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Matt Parkinson said: “Thirteen years ago, Vooservers was launched as a pure infrastructure company but, over the past few years, we’ve been providing a growing number of managed I.T service contracts. We feel that now is the right time to form a separate, dedicated brand for our managed service division which reflects the premium services that Vinters will provide.

“We anticipate that our main audience will initially be within London and the South East. However, we already have contracts across the UK and will continue to expand our efforts after launching to market nationwide. We also have some exciting plans to quickly launch a subsidiary in New York, serving the East Coast of the United States.”

“Vinters is a brand of VooServers, so it will be backed by a company which is financially strong and profitable. We will have teams based in-house, in various locations, offering the high 24x7x365 level of support that VooServers is already well known for. In addition, we already have the access to global infrastructure and network resources – this is something that often takes other businesses years to build up.

We are really excited to finally be able to share the news about this launch, as it’s something we’ve been leading up to for a long time.”

The launch of the Vinters brand is the next chapter in Vooservers’ success story, Last year, the Maidstone-based company launched the latest stage of its expansion strategy in the United States joining one of the country’s biggest internet connectivity hubs and launching a new eight-strong support team for customers across the Atlantic.

The 13-year-old company now has datacentres across two continents, including Maidstone, Frankfurt, New York and Seattle, ensuring additional connectivity to clients on a worldwide basis.

 To find out what Vinters can offer your business, visit the new website on www.vinters.com or visit their social media using the Twitter handle @VintersIT.

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