13 Oct 2017

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UK IT infrastructure company VooServers has launched the latest stage of its expansion strategy in the United States joining one of the country’s biggest internet connectivity hubs and launching a new support team for customers across the Atlantic.

An eight-strong engineering team, based in New York, have been appointed – following a successful trial – creating jobs and providing expertise on the ground for US clients as well as significantly improving response times.

They will oversee a network that stretches across the country from VooServers’ new Seattle base to the Big Apple, where a new agreement has seen the company join the New York Internet Exchange.

Matt Parkinson, VooServers founder and Technical Director, said: “VooServers is enjoying significant expansion in the United States with the new service team and joining the New York Internet Exchange key parts of our growth programme.

“It will mean VooServers are able to peer directly with the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple, offering much better network performance to our clients, which is particularly important for latency intensive applications such as VOIP and Gaming.

“This step is significant for us as a company, allowing us to expand our network Stateside to a similar size to our UK operation over the coming months, which we never dreamt would happen so soon when setting up the New York data centre four years ago.

Joining the New York Internet Exchange will allow a significant expansion of VooServers’ global network to meet the needs of its customers, increasing network capacity, with the new support team providing 24/7 operational support for data centres in New York and Seattle. 

Matt, added: “The new engineering team will be an integral part of our operation, providing us with much more expertise on the ground for faster and more robust deployments, with additional protection against outages and greater network control.

“They will be closely linked in with our UK operation in Maidstone, where we are also taking on a number of additional staff, including our newly appointed web and marketing strategist, Jordan Bradley Stopps.”

These changes will see VooServers doubling its existing capacity at its New York datacentre over the next two years, with the next phase expected to include an expansion into the APAC region, which its move to its new premium facility in Seattle from Los Angeles will allow.

The 13-year-old company now has datacentres across two continents, including Maidstone, Frankfurt, New York and Seattle, ensuring additional connectivity to clients on a worldwide basis. 

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