Wood Fuel Collaboration and Business Finance Event.

01 Nov 2017

Euroforest 600px.png

Kent County Council (KCC) is currently helping to deliver one of the best funded SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) business support programmes for many years. This support is designed to help all SMEs improve performance in terms of resilience, profitability and competitiveness.

KCC and its partners are already supporting multiple businesses in the forestry, timber and biomass fuel sectors.  This sector has seen growth in recent years and there are good opportunities for future development. 

A prime opportunity currently is the new biomass power station that is currently being constructed at Sandwich in Kent.  Euroforest, Britain's largest independent timber harvesting and marketing company, has secured the long-term contract to supply this power station which will require 240,000 tonnes of ‘wood raw material’ per annum.  It is anticipated that much of the volume required will be sourced from under managed broadleaved woodlands of Southern England and this will lead to a step-change in demand. 

The new biomass power station at Sandwich provides a unique opportunity for woodland owners and managers and for investment in the forestry sector more widely. 

The Wood Fuel Collaboration and Business Finance Event has been created to help SMEs navigate the range of public grant finance that is currently available.  Advisors will be available to discuss project ideas and to help initiate expressions of interested and develop project ideas.  The keynote presentation will be delivered by Euroforest, whose representatives will be available to provide information on their fuel supply-chain and collaboration opportunities. 

To attend this FREE event please visit www.woodfuelbusiness.eventbrite.co.uk. For more details please refer to the event programme and flyer which are attached.

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